Are studies becoming boring for you? Do you wish to make your learning both fun and interesting? Do you wish to seek Education in an Entertaining, refreshing new way?

Welcome to Excel League. This is the place where Learning is Fun! Whether it is Mathematics or Science, our only aim is to make you sharper and confident about what you study. We are the ladder you can climb to ensure you are on the right path for success.

We Offer:

(1) Interactive Environments, where you can see the world of math and science unravel

(2) Games and Gadgets, that you can get hands-on experience with and enhance your learning

(3) Olympiad training classes/workshops, which prepare you for leading Olympiad competitions at primary and secondary school levels both within Singapore and abroad

(4) Reputed Olympiad competitions, such as SASMO (Singapore and ASEAN Schools Math Olympiads) and Iken Scientifica to test your learning at competitions for National and Global standards

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on the journey to explore and expand your horizons to achieve more, today!!

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